Our Vision

OPAL Trust has its roots within the Christian Brethren Assemblies movement – a group of local autonomous churches which over its relatively short history of less than two centuries, has made a major impact on world evangelism out of all proportion to its size. This evangelistic zeal continues unabated, and there are many missionaries who continue to further the cause of evangelism across the world in various capacities, especially church planting, training and discipleship.

Significant numbers work in the Majority World where there is a dearth of literature resources available. Additionally there are large numbers of national workers working hard to impact their own people groups. However their effectiveness is often blunted by the lack of affordable Bibles and other good Christian literature and OPAL Trust Ltd (Overseas Publishing And Literature) was incorporated in August 2003 to help address these needs.

Using our various contacts within the Christian book world to obtain Bibles and suitable material at advantageous prices, the Trust has now sent literature resources to 70 countries worldwide. A book depot has also been established in Zambia. From feed back received, it is clear that with the help of our God the literature ministry we undertake is both helpful and rewarding

Telephone / Fax +44 (0) 1576 203670 - info@opaltrust.org