Our Personnel


Directors / Trustees



Geoff Ruston:

After a career of 13 years with the National Westminster Bank, Geoff worked with Gospel Literature Outreach in Motherwell for 26 years in various capacities including responsibility for the wholesale depot, bookshop and other Business activities. For a number of years he acted as GLO treasurer and has regularly been involved in literature evangelism in Europe. For many years he was a local church elder and missionary secretary. He and his wife Janet now devote the majority of their time to developing the ministry of OPAL.

John Lewis:

After a career in industry, John has spent the past 25 years in a publishing, and distribution environment. He worked firstly in UK with STL/Paternoster, and then in USA with OM Literature who later merged with the International Bible Society now known as Biblica where for a number of years he headed up a division distributing Bibles and books into the majority world.  Since retiring and now back in the UK, he and his wife Cynthia devote most of their time to OPAL overseeing our publishing initiatives, as well as serving as an Elder in Peebles Evangelical Church.


Robert and Anne Smith:


Robert and Anne Smith joined the OPAL team in April 2014 and are responsible for our ministry of TELit@OPAL folders (Thematic Evangelistic Literature) which is based in Linwood. They had previously been involved in a literature ministry in South Africa for 7 years prior to which Anne was a missionary in Bolivia for 6 years, doing children’s and health work amongst the Quechua people. They have a school aged daughter, Hannah, and live in Kilbirnie .





Ian Burness:


Ian grew up in Aberdeen, Scotland, as the son of a preacher. He became a Christian as a boy, and confirmed his faith when baptised as a teenager. He studied medicine at Aberdeen University and married  Margaret, a teacher, in 1973. After postgraduate studies and training they obeyed the call of God and went to Africa in 1979, where Ian ran a mission hospital on the Zambian/ Angolan border and worked in the local churches among the Luvale people, teaching the Bible. They returned to the UK in 1990 for family education and after  two years in Scotland moved to Bath, where Ian worked with Echoes of Service, a mission service organisation, until 2015, as general director. They have three children, Richard, Gillian & Susan and eight grandchildren.



Roger Key:

After graduating from Liverpool University, Roger spent most of the next 40 years working throughout Africa as a mapping geologist. A major part of this work involved training of young African geologists, many of whom have remained as friends. Whilst living in Africa, Roger and his wife Janet attended local churches and they now worship at Peebles Evangelical Church. Roger is a Gideon and is Secretary of the Edinburgh South Branch.



David Young:

Following university and 4 years of training in accountancy, David spent 5 years in full-time Christian ministry in France.

David currently works for World Vision International as Senior HR Business Partner & Operations Manager - a role that involves many aspects of International HR giving support to teams across countries and time zones.  Prior to this role he worked as HR Director with IBS-STL, which fitted well with his interest in literature ministry.

David firmly believes in the power of God's Word to transform lives and enjoys being associated with an organisation that seeks to make the Bible and Christian Literature accesible to people around the world.

David is married to Christine: they have three adult children and is an active member of a Church in the town where they live.


Associate Workers

Paul and Angela Lewis:

Over the last several years Paul and Angela have been involved in Christian book production. They worked together at Authentic Publishing USA for 5 years where Paul was the Graphic Designer and Angela was the Editorial Production Manager. For the past 4 years they have run their own graphic design and book creative service agency, Luz Design. They live in South Atlanta with their daughters Holly and Jane and son Gil.


Kelvin Samwata:

Kelvin acts as an ambassador for OPAL by promoting the work in Zambia and beyond. Kelvin was a corporate merchant banker and economist by profession but is now engaged in varied full time Christian work both in his home country of Zambia and internationally. He has a busy preaching  ministry and serves on the board of a number of Christian organisations and schools.  He is married to Joyce and they have four children.


Council of Reference

Dr Joshua Fitzhugh

Came from the USA for further studies in literature at Queen's University, Belfast.  Residing in Belfast with his wife Naomi, he now works for The Myrtlefield Trust where his responsibilities include editing, book distribution and the occasional DIY project.  He also serves as an elder in a local church.

Mr Alan Gamble:
Combines professional work in law with service as a Trustee of Interlink and an active Bible teaching ministry.

Mr Pieter Kwant:

Pieter was born in the Netherlands but came to faith in South Africa, where he met his wife.  After working there for 14 years in the theological book trade, he moved back to the Netherlands to work with L'Abri before coming to England in 1987 since when he has worked with IVP, STL and was managing director of Paternoster Press.  With a mutual passion for literature, the arts and mission, he and his wife have their own literacy agency and a small publishing company, Piquant Editions.  His largest project to date is the one-volume Africa Bible Commentary written by Africans for Africa.  Pieter currently works as International Director for Langham Partnership coordinating their programme for literature distribution in several languages and their creative initiative which encourages writers and publishers in the Majority World.

Mr Nelson Logan:
Retired engineering manager,  committee member of Harvest Fields and council member of the Retired Missionary Aid Fund, former trustee of Gospel Literature Outreach.

Dr Stephen McQuoid:

Grew up in Ethiopia where his parents were missionaries and qualified as a nurse before

studying Theology.  He has a Dip.Th. from Belfast Bible College, a BA in Biblical Studies from Trinity College, an MA and a PhD in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary, and

a MTh from the University of Wales and is the author of ten books.  He is currently General Director of Gospel Literature Outreach.


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