Huge Demand for Bibles

In 2018 OPAL partnered with Everyday Publications in North America in the printing of 10,000 Bibles in the Congolese Swahili language. These were made available through OPAL’s Bible and book warehouse in Zambia, just over the border from Congo.  Despite the many challenges in the Democratic Republic of Congo, including great poverty and instability, people are hungry for the Word of God. Since the Bibles arrived in 2019, they have been selling steadily – with demand from local churches, leaders, and missionaries to use them in their work. Others have been donated to key leaders for their ministry. A few weeks ago we heard the amazing news that all 10,000 gone, and there was still demand for more! OPAL has again partnered with EPI to print a further 12,000 Congolese Swahili Bibles, which will be shipped to Zambia in the coming months. This is a major financial commitment for OPAL, but when there is such urgent need we believe it right to move ahead with this. We are grateful for the support of Echoes International in this project, and the staff of the Chingola Bible Centre in Zambia who store and distribute the Bibles for us. 

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